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Professional ceramic coating for cars

Ceramic coating is one of the most innovative products in the detailing industry in recent years when it comes to paint protection. Ceramic coating not only protects the exterior of the vehicle against micro-scratches, but it also:

  • The Ceramic Coating treatment renders and keeps the glossy aspect of the car’s paint. This way, your vehicle looks in showroom condition for longer
  • The ceramic coating protects your vehicle against UV rays and chemical corrosion.
  • Ceramic coatings have antistatic and hydrophobic properties, so it rejects water and dirt on contact
  • The washing process is easier and the chance of scratching your vehicle is reduced.
  • The ceramic coating we are using, It has a durability of up to 5 years.
Ceramic coating is not a simple car wax that disappears after a few washes. It's a semi-permanent silicon dioxide (SIO2) that guarantees paint protection for a long period. So, ceramic coating represents an investment in your car that offers years of protection.

How much do ceramic coatings cost?

We use one of the best quality Ceramic Coating products in the industry yet (GTECHNIQ). Our prices are very competitive and begin from only £180


    ..Pricing starts
    from £180

    Why ceramic coating treatment?

    Many car owners want their vehicle to look as new as possible for as long as possible. So, in order to achieve this, many owners opt for ceramic coating. Ceramic coating offers paint protection against a wide range of issues:

    • Oxidation,
    • Micro-scratches,
    • Bitumen deposits,
    • Acid rain,
    • UV rays,
    • Chemical contaminants.

    In time, exterior conditions can cause paint defects. So, what can you do to prevent such a thing? Well, one of the most efficient solutions is ceramic coating. It presents multiple benefits and it offers superior paint protection over any other product.
    Ceramic coatings offer hydrophobic and non-stick properties. Therefore the risk of scratching or degrading the paintwork in any way is considerably reduced.
    After ceramic coating, the cleaning process is easier to perform, as the dirt and contaminants won’t be sticking to the paintwork.

    What does the process of ceramic coating entail?

    We use high-quality ceramic products from GTECHNIQ, one of the top brands in the industry. Also, we perform the ceramic coating only after the entire external detailing process is finished. Then, we apply a layer of Crystal Serum Light ceramic on the entire vehicle paint surface.

    After a few hours, it’s time to apply another layer of protection, EXO V4, for a stronger hydrophobic effect. When the 2 components are applied, the car must stay at least 12 hours in our studio, a clean and dry environment, in order to obtain the best paint protection!

    We also apply dedicated ceramic protection for alloys wheels, glass, plastic trims, leather seats and all interior fabric components.

    Process of ceramic coating..

    Our products

    Step 1


    Step 2

    Step 3




    Glenn Farren
    Glenn Farren
    Had a chameleon windscreen tint fitted by Adrian on my Focus RS, im extremely picky of who touches my vehicle and after a much research i opted for EVIX to do my tint. The outcome was very very impressive and came out much better then i was anticipating. Adrian was a great host, made me and my son feel welcome and explained everything that he was doing and was going to do to put me at ease ,so much so i will definately be returning for more work to be done on my vehicle.......the photo does not do his work justice as its so much better in the flesh and draws alot of attention....
    Stefan Matache
    Stefan Matache
    Professional service and very knowledgeable owner. There's a waiting room ready for you with drinks and wi-fi while your car is being done. Toilets on the premises also. Happy with the service and would definitely recommend it.
    Adrian P
    Adrian P
    Servicii profesionale de detailing auto
    Silviu Achirei
    Silviu Achirei
    Thank you EVIX for the quality, promptness, courtesy and attractive price. I will definitely use EVIX services again!!! I recommend 100%!!!
    Samuel James
    Samuel James
    Very friendly and professional window tinting
    Mihai Copilau
    Mihai Copilau
    Great experience,really nice job,definitely use for other services at my car,thank allott for you time and services.
    Cosmin Marin
    Cosmin Marin
    high standard quality !
    Matthew Cutts (Megacutts)
    Matthew Cutts (Megacutts)
    Second time using Evix now and again I was treated brilliant and left with detailed work completed with all round tints. Top quality service ??

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    Use professionals only for Ceramic Coating

    The application of this type of ceramic coating based on silicon dioxide requires a lot of attention to detail and skill. An amateur, with an incorrect process of application, can end up damaging the paint work.

    We can rectify poorly applied ceramic coating.

    After the car preparation, it’s necessary to machine polish the car or even multiple stages of paint correction, to be able to remove the ceramic coating. In some cases it might require wet sanding process.

    Only after that, we apply a new ceramic coating to your car.

    Our guarantee

    If it’s the first time when you’re going to a ceramic coating studio, then you’re probably concerned about the quality. With us, you are guaranteed an impeccable standard of application and a 5 years warranty from the manufacturer.

    Of course, there are some conditions you must meet. Remember that no product is indestructible, so you need to take care of it properly. In order to do so, we recommend using professional solutions and avoid using automatic or unprofessional hand car washes.

    We can show you how a washing process is done. If you don’t have time to perform proper maintenance, then you can always count on our help! This way you won’t face any problems with your paintwork after you pick up your car from our studio!


    Technical specifications

    High-quality protection

    The ceramic coating treatment forms a protective layer on the car’s paintwork. It strengthens the paint and makes it more resistant to exterior dangers.

    High gloss finish

    Besides the functional benefits, with a professional ceramic coating treatment, the gloss finish of your car can be drastically improved.

    Ceramic coating protection

    Because of its hydrophobic and non-stick properties, the ceramic coating protects your vehicle from dirt and water. So, you don’t need to worry about rain after you just washed your car.

    The ceramic coating is resistant to any kind of weather

    If you’re living in a cold area, where rain, snow, and ice are pretty common, then you must try a ceramic coating for cars!

    UV rays resistance

    Long exposure to these rays can damage the paint on your vehicle. Instead of trying to always find a shaded parking space, you can call us for a ceramic coating treatment! It’s the easiest way to keep your car’s paint protected.

    We are a business specialising in styling and protecting your car. Every member of our team is professionally trained in order to obtain high-level results. Our employees pay attention to every detail and make sure that every vehicle leaves the studio in perfect condition. We pride ourselves on our quality and our reviews speak for themselves. We have many returning customers who trust us with their vehicles.

    We are passionate about every single one of our projects and promise you the best ceramic coating. The combination of hard work and professional technology is what guarantees you quality.

    Communication and transparency are two important elements to us.  We hope to create long-term relationships with our customers and build trust.

    Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

    Choose to protect your car with ceramic coating!

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