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The interior cleaning car near me that brings the car into top shape

When your car is in top shape inside out, this enhances your experience and also keeps the car’s value for a longer period of time. You should not neglect your vehicle, no matter what, especially when it is being heavily used. Under these conditions, a car is subjected to all sorts of negative factors. Dirt, grime, pebbles hitting it, rainwater and puddles, bird droppings, pollutants in the air, fingerprints, dust, and even the sun, are all chipping at your car’s integrity, day after day. At first, it may only be a visual nuisance, but if left to aggravate, it will start producing actual damage to your vehicle. The easiest way of doing this is to properly clean it at regular intervals.

This pretty much depends on the intensity of the car’s usage, as well as the condition it is in. You should consider doing so both at the exterior and the interior. There are plenty of things you can do by yourself, but sometimes it is best to have a cleaning or detailing specialist look at it and do a proper job. If you feel like your vehicle needs it, you should think of an interior cleaning car near me. As with any professional, someone who is doing this on a daily basis has the necessary knowledge, tools, and materials. A detailed interior clean should look into all nooks and crevices of your car and clean it from top to bottom. This is the correct way of doing it, this way any dirt falling off will be picked and off and removed. Proper cleaning starts with removing any trash, debris, objects, and floor mats from the inside and paying attention to all areas, especially those hard to reach.

They collect a lot of dirt and contaminants, and a harder to clean during a regular fast interior cleaning. The end result of this process is a thorough clean removing any first, contaminants and bacteria that lead to bad stale odors. After you look for interior cleaning car near me this should lead to your satisfaction, with a vehicle looking refreshed and ready to be used by yourself, your family, or other occupants who should feel comfortable and safe in it. A deep clean should tackle all the areas, such as the dashboard, steering wheel, speed shifter, windows, seatbelts, the car seats. Any materials used, any cloths, and brushes used should not damage the interior of the vehicle. The purpose of all this is to make your car look better after and not worse, by destroying its finishes. Professional products should be used to clean your seat’s upholstery or leather, and not run it.

Auxiliary Services

As an auxiliary sevice, we can provide chameleon windscreen, de-chroming, 4D number plates, head-lights restoration and also we tint the lights and protect them with clear or smoke PPF.

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Professional Auto Detailing

Each time we speak to a new potential customer, I have a list of questions that I want to get out answers to. First of all we need to know if they had ever had taken their car to professional detailers before. Most of them say “No” or they are confused on what their answer should be. Of course, any car owner has cleaned his vehicle at some point, but we want to asses the value that the owner get for the paid price, when he is taken out of the process.

If you ask two different professional detailers “what does professional detailing mean?” you will get a few similar ideas, but even experts build different business models in this industry. Some companies have fixed location for exterior and interior detailing, while some are mobile, going to their clients home or office with everything needed (glass cleaner, interior detailing brush, microfiber towel, door panels solution, dedicated solutions for vinyl and plastic surfaces, leather seats, interior surfaces, steering wheel etc.). But most of them offer full interior detail services from cleaning the exterior to auto finesse details and even hanging air fresheners at the end.

Other detail shop offer complete auto finesse services, from exterior and interior car cleaning it to installing window protective tints, paint finish, ceramic coatings, stain removal, air conditioning cleaning, drying process, preparing your car for cold weather, a full car detailing package. Most companies focus on presenting their car full detailing services and presenting the products they use when defining detailing, but it means much more than that, it is about the experience offered to the client. We believe that car detailing Bedworth is meant to make clients happy like they just bought the car 🙂

car paint correction Warwickshire

We focus on a personal approach to respond to our customers’ needs and give them specific services for their vehicles. Before suggesting any service we make an onsite inspection and find out what the client expects as a result (to be shiny, to keep it like new, get some repairs done). In this process it is all about trust, we need to build trust and ensure the client that we are doing out best to deliver what we promise, sustained by our past experience. We are here to answer any questions and concerns in order to make everything crystal clear, not only car interiors. In order to live up to these expectations we only use professional leather cleaner, glass cleaner, door panels cleaner, leather conditioner, clean microfiber cloth, special air vents cleaner, special detailing brush and other high quality products. Even though this industry is still not very well regulated by the law, we care about your car and your happiness and we invest in our team, products and image.

Education for this domain should be continuous as tools change, cars change and a professional detailer must be up to date all the time. Also, clients become more and more aware of the fact that they need this kind of services in order to take care of their car properly and prolong its life. More and more car owners are starting to search for “ceramic coating car near me” or “detailing car polish cars near me”, “polishing car paint” which means that they are interested in more than a quick wipe for their cars. Using simply spray and paper towels is just not enough anymore. This is why, it is very important to choose a trustworthy partner to take care of your car interior detailing, entire car actually, properly. Therefore, look out for all signals that will show you their professionalism: they are registered and insured, have all necessary licenses and certificated to provide these services. In addition, it is important for them to be able to show you a portfolio with past work and you should be able to find some testimonials and reviews from past clients on their website and social pages. Did they attend any courses or training in the past year? Have they invested in their location and tools? Do they have more to offer than some wash mitt, car interior cleaner for all purposes and a foam applicator? This is were de differentiation is made!

What does Professional Detailing mean?

Clients that are not used to these services will for sure want to know the difference between your company and another car detailing company he saw advertised online, so you need to be prepared to explain why they should choose you. Not any car cleaning company is a detailer, as most of them only provide basic cleaning services that don’t even include a scrub brush, total interior cleaner (they only clean the carpets, or vacuum the seat covers), cleaning the steering wheels professionally or use a suitable cleaner for door sill, door panels and door jambs. Being able to just do some light dusting, lightly spray the car and hang an air freshener is not quite what detailing means.

The main difference between basic car cleaning and car detailing is like the difference between fast food and fine dining. You get what you pay for, so don’t expect special leather cleaner, leather conditioner, upholstery brush or upholstery shampoo when you go to a basic car wash. You don’t see any luxury cars there that are looking like new when they drive away, right? Don’t get me wrong, classic car wash is very good for routine cleaning, but your car need more than that from time to time.

These are the 6 criteria that make a professional car detailing professional

1) Equipment and tools
2) Detailing products used
3) The expertise, skills, and experience
4) Additional detailing services available
5) Google customer reviews on previous projects
6) Final result

1) Equipment and Tools

 In order for the results to be as expected, or even better, it needs to be done with the proper tools and equipment, meaning that each surface dirt has it’s own solution (leather interior or faux leather surfaces are different from the fabric seats, interior glass should be cleaned with special damp cloth, different from the one used for the floor mats). Special equipment and tools include: professional vacuums, ozone generators, upholstery cleaner, vinyl protectant, small detailing brush, leather brush, specialized pressure washers and many more.

2) Special products

Second, but as important at the first key point, are the products used to support the work of detailers. In detailing is not just about cleaning grime, oil, dirt from the car, but also use effective, safe and protective products that sustain the longevity of the materials in the car’s interior and the car’s upholstery.

3) Expertise, Skill, and Experience of the Detailer

The third component that must be taken intro consideration is the experience, skill and expertise of the professional. Using the above mentioned products, tools and equipment combined with the skills and experience will create the perfect detailing experience. A well experienced detailer has a trained eye and is able to assess your car and give you a full analysis of what it needs. A car is a big investment for the owner, therefore it should be taken care of by a professional.

4) Additional detailing service

Professionals can provide extra services for their customers in order to ensure them a perfect and beautiful ride for a long time. Your car needs different thing during different periods of time, therefore it would be better to find a trustworthy detailer that you can go to, anytime you need a makeover for your car. Complete detailing services usually include: paint protection film, paint correction and ceramic coating. Ceramic coating and paint protection films are meant to protect the vehicle paint, while the paint correction is meant to remove blemishes, scratches on the exterior surfaces or swirl marks and help bring it back to the original condition. The final result will be a glowing finish that reflects as a mirror. Having more options from the same supplier saves you a lot of time, trouble and money!

5) Google Customer reviews on previous projects

Finding out what you can get from a certain detailing company is easier by reading their clients’ reviews online: on their website, on Google and social media. Nowadays in much easier to know what past customers think about their experience, as you have so many instruments at hand. A trustworthy business that offers quality every time, will have a lot of good reviews to sustain that. Lots of positive reviews on Google, from customers, is a strong sign of professionalism for any company in any domain.

6) Final result

All things considered, the final result is what matters most about detailing services. As you might have understood by now, detailing is not just basic cleaning. It is a combination of removing dust, pathogens and dirt, and the application of proper professional products in order to provide a clean and beautiful shine, lasting protection for the car, it’s leather surfaces. The main objective is to make it look as closer as it was in the showroom. Professional detailers will definitely have before and after pictures of their past projects, as they put a lot of passion in their jobs and like the results they are getting. With a quick internet search you could find those online for sure. What you get in the end? A beautiful car that looks as good as new, free of pathogens, dust and dirt and with a great smelling air freshener (cigarette smoke free).

What are the Top 3 qualities you should look for in a professional detailing company

hide leather conditioner

Working in this industry can be rewarding, as a detailer has a very important role in the process of reconditioning old cars and make them look and feel as good as new. Besides providing thorough vehicle interior cleaning and exterior cleaning, they also offer polishing, waxing, vacuuming and many other services. The role of detailing professional includes a wide range of responsibilities, from making sore the car is perfectly cleaned to applying the most adequate products for protection and shine. So, the top 3 qualities you should search for in a detailer are:

1. Providing Good Customer Service Through Strong Communication Skills and Attention to Detail

2. Having Technical Know-How Working on Various Auto Detailing Tasks

3. Relying on Multitasking and Endurance to Succeed in Your Auto Detailing Career 

Our detailing studio is located in Bedworth, only 10 minutes drive from Coventry Arena. We offer a free appraisal of your car, after which we will present you with the available packages depending on its condition and the finish you want to achieve. If you are not available to visit us, simply give us a call and we will be happy to explain all of the details over the phone.

apply leather conditioner fabric protectant

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Professional window tinting services

Window Tinting is by far the best way to stay protected from UV rays and it brings you a touch of class to your car as well. It also increases the degree of privacy and security while driving. The window tint film is used by millions of people all over the world.

The biggest manufacturing companies have taken exceptional steps in the last decades and improved this technology taking it to the highest standards of professional quality.

Why Choose our Window Tinting Services?

Our partner GLOBAL (made in USA) is one of the most famous brands in this industry, providing us with a variety of premium shades as well as superior films such as ceramic, making sure you get exactly what you need. One of the most popular window tint that our customers are choosing, is limo black.

EVIX studio is fully equipped to install these tint films onto your vehicle window and we also have the equipment for measuring the transparency, ensuring they adhere to the law, and they are not to dark. The front windscreen must remain as delivered by the vehicle manufacturer, since it is forbidden to apply window tint on it, no matter if you choose the most light tint possible. The front windscreen must let at least 75% of light through and the front side windows must let at least 70% of light through. There are no restrictions for the rear windows.

Our team will help you make the best decision in choosing window films, strictly based on your needs. We will ensure a high-quality installation with an appearance as close as possible to the factory offering.

Why do you need window tinting for your vehicle window?


One of the major reasons why our clients choose to tint their window glass is how they dramatically change the entire appearance of the car. From Ford Fiesta to Ferrari for sure your car will stand out. That is why almost every single limo has black window tint.


We have all experienced those moments at a traffic light or in a parking lot when all the passers-by turn their curious eyes inside our car, managing to create embarrassing moments and discomfort. By choosing professional quality window tint we will not only have the desired comfort during the entire trip and stay, but we will also keep “curious” people at a distance, about our valuable things inside the car. You could even avoid grab theft, as the film tinting will make it harder for people to see what is in your car.


We know well how harmful UV rays are and that they are the main reason for development skin cancer. We spend a large part of our time in the car being very exposed to damage caused by the sun, even on less sunny days.

Equally the interior of your car such as the steering wheel and all leather materials, plastic and textile material are affected by UV rays which will cause cracks and discoloration over time. Our window films guarantee the protection for you, your family, your pets as well as your car, blocking over 99% of the UV rays that penetrate through the windows.


The heat accumulated in the car, especially during the summer, is unbearable and even difficult to control with the air conditioning system. Window tinting is the most effective method of heat rejection, acting as a protective thermal barrier.

At EVIX you can find high-performance nano ceramic window films based on nanotechnology with inserted ceramic microparticles, being very effective in rejecting heat.

Before application we will do all necesary tests using tools that emit heat, to be able to better understand their efficiency. They are produced in brightness of 86% (almost clear) up to 4% brightness (limo black).

Professional window tinting services

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Professional Ceramic Coating

Ceramic protection is one of the most innovative products in the detailing industry in recent years.

This is not a wax that washes off after a few washes. It is a semi- permanent silicon dioxide (SIO2) product that protects paintwork for up to 5 years.

Why Ceramic Treatment?

Many car owners loves their cars and want them to be protected from external dangers such as: oxidation, micro-scratches from dust deposits, bird droppings, bitumen deposits, acid rain and so on. The
ceramic treatment protects and strengthens the original top coat of the vehicle’s paintwork, acting as a protective barrier.

Due to the hydrophobic and non-stick effect of the coating, the risk of scratching and from external contaminents that can attack the paint of the car is considerably reduced.

Cleaning will also be easier, as the dirt and containment will never be sticking to the paintwork, but to the hydrophobic ceramic layer.

The ceramic treatment we use is from GTECHNIQ, one of the top brands in this field industry. First of all, after the entire external detailing process is completed, we will apply a layer of Crystal Serum Light ceramic on the entire surface of the paint.

At an interval of a few hours, we will apply a 2nd layer of EXO V4, for a stronger hydrophobic effect. After applying the 2 components, it is necessary for the car to stay at least 12 hours in our studio, a clean and dry environment, for the best results!

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with all the information you need!

Choose to protect your car too.

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